Rely on Jah Records was founded by Wkdey in 2018 as an all-digital music record label. Our choice of music spans across all genres but more importantly, we pay close attention to the message behind each song and the lifestyle of the artist(s) we work with. We advocate and hope to see the growth of a new genre known as Reggae Fusion, a blend of Reggae, Afro beats, and Dance-hall vibes. As of October 2023, we only have one artist Wkdey signed to this label. Living a life of purpose and of meaning is the first step towards achieving peace. We look forward to finding and working with talented individuals who have chosen to dedicate the rest of their life to this path of music and entertainment. It feels good making music, performing music, getting criticisms about your music and accepting to work hard to see your everyday dream come true. We transform your inspirations, your passions and your illusions into a reality we all can support. We hope to inspire a new generation of “wagwans” (free spirit and individuals full of love and positive visions). Rely on Jah Records, is based in the United States. Lastly, we do not “blow up” or “make” artists. You are bound to succeed as an artist provided you make an effort to achieve your goals. Making it in music and becoming successful comes from you the artist first, before the connections and networks we are going to setup for you. It requires a lot of self discipline and a lifestyle that a large audience can emulate. This is why Rely on Jah will always remain a family and a Home that welcomes every artist we decide to work with and anytime you feel you do not need our input, you are free to say bye to us and we would love and hope to see you thrive on the next chapter of your music journey. One love!

It’s our goal to experience a world were everyone is free to chase their dreams and become passionate about what they spend their time doing. For more information, send us an email at info@relyonjah.com