Wkdey is an African reggae fusion artist based in the US. Originally from Cameroon, his sound is a blend of reggae, afro beats, and dancehall. From freedom anthem ‘My Baby Go Dance’ to uptempo track ‘Body’, WKDEY’s music is infused with upbeat rhythms and catchy heartfelt lyrics that bring people joy and get them dancing. As one of Cameroon’s first reggae fusion artists, WKDEY (meaning “Work Dey”) draws creative inspiration from his African spirit and roots, as well as from artists like Bob Marley, Burna Boy, Ed Sheeran, and Shatta Wale. Speaking about his drive to write and create, the artist said: “God did not give me money to spend on nothing. Instead, He gave me something even money can’t buy – my love and gift for music.” Having grown up in the church, WKDEY originally set out on a path to the priesthood before realizing that making music was his calling. Guided by his heart and gut, WKDEY chose to pursue his music dreams instead, releasing his first official single “Inbox Me” in 2018. He soon began collaborating with local artists and producers, including CHIMINEY, Legendary Soulz Armon, Ekie Bozeur, I.V.O, Chris Bob, and Traskcom Empire, before moving to the US several months later to kickstart the next chapter of his music career. In April 2020, WKDEY founded his label, Rely On Jah Records. Currently, he’s in the studio working on new music. Follow the artist for updates.

September 2018

2022 in Kansas City, MO